Ben D'Ath

Ben is a young New Plymouth-based photographer and videographer. Despite being only 23 years old, Ben's already clocked up an impressive resume, and is well on his way to carving a career out of his talents. Ben's passion for capturing the perfect shot helps him see things differently, and he is often out exploring the region to find the best spots. Lucky for us, Ben is happy to share a few of his discoveries!

Vintage Industries Ltd

Local secret #1:

Vintage Lighting

97 King Street, New Plymouth

Vintage is one of a kind, the first time I walked in there I was blown away: great classic design, even better coffee and unique pieces that have a real story behind them. It's cool to be able to cruise up to the window, grab a coffee, and then chill inside just taking in all of the unique objects that are sourced from all over the world.

Back Beach

Local secret #2:

Back Beach

200 Centennial Drive, Spotswood, New Plymouth

I don't even know where to begin. Back Beach is unparalleled. You can go there, park up in one of the three carparks or even just on the roadside, and find a path you've never been on that leads to a photographic view at the end. The setting is incredible: jagged cliffs, iconic islands, endless coastline in one direction and towering Paritutu Rock in the other. It's a pretty memorable spot for sure.

Dawson Falls

Local secret #3:

Dawson Falls

Manaia Road, Egmont National Park
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One of the best kept local secrets is how close our Mountain really is and all of the cool spots there are to explore in the Egmont National Park. I love the fact that you can go from deep in the city to a spot like Dawson Falls in 45 minutes. It's a good spot to get away for a while!

East End

Local secret #4:

East End Skate Park

East End Reserve, Nobs Line, Strandon, New Plymouth

Locals will know this spot well but if you are visiting from out of town it could be easy to miss. It's a friendly feel and it doesn't matter what age you are, if you want to come, you're more than welcome. I can thank this place for teaching me everything I know about photography: skating photos and video is where it all began for me.

NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

Local secret #5:

NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

Annual event, New Plymouth

Taranaki has a pretty vast events calendar, and the Tattoo & Art Festival is perhaps one of the less well-known parts of this. Regardless of whether tattoos are your thing or not, you'll soon find that the artistry is something everyone can appreciate, plus the entertainment and atmosphere is amazing. It's inspiring that something this huge only happens here in Taranaki.