Jo & Dave James

Jo & Dave James are a husband and wife team where engineering meets the love of gin!  Together they produce Juno Gin, a boutique London-style gin distilled in New Plymouth using ingredients grown and sourced in Taranaki and throughout New Zealand.  They have three core values: make it fun, make it together and make it right.   We certainly had fun when they took us on a journey around their secret spots...

Paritutu Rock

Local secret #1:

Mount Paritutu

Spotswood, New Plymouth 4310 
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We've been climbing Paritutu since we were children (my brother and I would challenge each other to not use the guide chain). Then climb up in about 15 minutes, it can be a bit scary in places, but mostly it makes you feel adventurous, and the view from the top is unparalleled. You can see right up (and down) the coast, our mountain, the central mountains. The whole world!

Pukekura Park

Local secret #2: 

Totara Grove at Pukekura Park

1 Rogan Street, Welbourn, New Plymouth, Read more 

It's been there a long time (the trees were planted over a hundred years ago) but it's a new discovery for us. Part of Pukekura Park (which we love) but not in the Park. Down a hidden path, no signposting! Head to Rogan Street where you will find TSB Stadium. Look for a set of picnic tables alongside it and enter through the gate behind the picnic tables. There you will find the trees tower above you, tuis weave their magic song, calm majesty.

Snug Lounge

Local secret #3:

Snug Lounge

124 Devon Street West, New Plymouth

Just across the road from the Len Lye Gallery is Snug Lounge. It's a Japanese inspired cocktail lounge with little alcoves of comfy seating, social outdoor tables and perfect plates of deliciousness. A great destination for drinks and dinner before or after a show.

Meat & Liquor


Local secret #4:

Meat & Liquor

34A Egmont Street, New Plymouth

We love this place! The "only in the know" red door on the street, the wall art upon entering, the attention to creature comforts (beautiful stemware and cut crystal glasses) and for a place with "Meat" in the title, my vegan daughter would still have a beautiful meal.

Social Kitchen


Local secret #5:

Social Kitchen

40 Powderham Street, New Plymouth

With just a couple of cacti and some lights on the street to suggest that more might lie within (not forgetting an unforgettable window of game), it's a place to bring your buddies - and forget that it's a school night! Imaginative food and drinks (including for the driver), decor that takes you out of place and time, social and fun. We love fun!