More Local Secrets

Annalee Muggeridge - Beauty Blogger

Coastal Walkway

13km along the coast, from Port Taranaki to Bell Block


The best thing about the coastal walkway is that you're spoilt with miles of scenic variety. We love taking our skateboards out along the foreshore, it's such a relaxing and scenic activity we do to unwind after a big day at work. It's even better when you have such a lovely community to share it with - everyone we come across while walking our dogs is always so friendly!

Simon Rees - Art Gallery Director 

Len Lye Centre

42 Queen Street, New Plymouth


The Len Lye Centre is the first building of its kind anywhere in the world. The building is made from marine grade stainless steel and the entrance ramp provides a great cathedral experience. It has rapidly become one of the world’s most photographed buildings.

Jordan Barnes - Artist & Musician

Street Art by Milarky

Carpark behind IVHQ/Kina, New Plymouth


I enjoy this particular street art by Milarky because it's somewhat hidden. I can view it on my own while thinking about the world - which is relevant to the work itself. Good art is relevant and this work is exactly that. It's depiction of the way we’re connected to the world and beyond, via our laptop computers. I'd like to think in decades to come this painting will still be here, still hidden but maybe rediscovered, exposing a representation of the world at a different time.

Michael Mansvelt - Landscape Designer

Tūpare Garden

487 Mangorei Rd, Highlands Park, New Plymouth

Tūpare is the closest thing we have to a fairytale. Sculpted from a hillside overlooking the Waiwhakaiho River, this premier landscaped garden is where I first started working and it made me fall in love with gardening. The fields are covered in bluebells and the house is just a picture – I just wish I could live here!

Fiona Ross - Personal Trainer

Te Henui Walkway

East End Reserve to Welbourn, along the Te Henui River


The Te Henui Walkway is definitely one of my favourite walks in New Plymouth and I use it a lot. It’s so accessible and I love how it is so central but hidden within the city. A great getaway during the day to connect with nature and find some quiet!

Daisy Day - Surf Instructor

Surf at Waiwhakaiho

Waiwhakaiho River Mouth​, New Plymouth


Waiwhakaiho is my favourite spot in town - to surf and to photograph. I enjoy the ritualistic clamber down the rocks with my board and then a warm paddle across the river. At times, I have surprised a resting wide-winged shag or a playful seal stalking herrings and kahawai. I love to take in the moments while sitting out the back of the surf, looking out towards our mountain watching its distinctive colour change and seeing the stark whale bone/breaking wave structure of Te Rewa Rewa bridge.