Mark Louis

Mark Louis is a Taranaki hospitality heavyweight.  As a co-owner of Hour Glass, Polpetta, Our Place and Peeking Panda, Mark is not short of good food and great chat, that’s for sure.  It’s a wonder how he finds time to hang with his wife, kids and the dog, let alone get out for a surf when it’s pumping!  But he does it and he does it well.  Here are Mark’s secret spots in New Plymouth...
Escape Coffee

Local secret #1:

Escape Coffee

15 Liardet Street, New Plymouth

I love hanging at Escape because it’s got a really welcoming vibe. Grab a coffee from Logan and Marlise and check out the skateboard ramp these guys have built into the café.

Local secret #2:


End of Rimu Street, New Plymouth

Biking to the Rimu Street waterhole in summer is one of our favourite things to do as a family. The kids love bomb diving into the water from the two jumping spots above. We often take a picnic too. It’s a pretty epic spot!

(To get there: head to the end of Rimu St and you’ll come to a dead end. Walk up the track about 100 metres and you’re there. The locals are super friendly so just ask someone on the way if you can’t find it!).

Catch & Co

Local secret #3:

Catch & Co

41 Oceanview Parade, New Plymouth

You can’t beat great fish and chips on a balmy evening and we love Catch&Co.  These guys serve it up fresh from the ocean, plus milkshakes, butty sandwiches, burgers and all.   They are located down on the port so can sit on the breakwater and devour or take them to the waterhole (see secret #2 above) for swimming and a picnic.

Frisbee Golf

Local secret #4:

Frisbee Golf 

Merrilands Domain, New Plymouth

Frisbee golf is great because anyone can do it.. from toddlers to grandparents. It’s played like golf but instead of a ball and clubs you use a disc.  The object of the game is to complete each hole in the fewest number of throws.  Merrilands Domain has an eight-basket course and it’s free to use.  It’s great fun and the kids love it.  If you need a disc you can pick one up at Escape Coffee (see secret #1).

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

Local secret #5:

Te Rewa Rewa Bridge

End of Clemow Road, Fitzroy, New Plymouth

Te Rewa Rewa bridge frames te maunga (Mount Taranaki) for perfect photos...and you can do a surf check at the same time!  Walk or cycle the bridge for epic views.