Whangamomona Republic Day 2017

Whangamomona declared its independence in 1989, and since then the Whangamomona Republic Day celebrations have taken on iconic status. This year’s event is Olympic themed, so dust off your sporting attire and head along for a great time!

Republic Day celebrations attract thousands of people to Whangamomona village, for authentic activities such as Sheep Races, Gumboot Throwing, Whip Cracking, Possum Skinning, and Shoot Outs, all of which take place in the main street.

A highlight is the Presidential Elections for the republic - who will be the latest president, following in the footsteps of a goat, a poodle and the legendary Murt?  

Passports can be purchased at the Whangamomona Hotel to ensure safe passage through the republic.

Details: Saturday, Jan 21st, 2017, from 10am, Whangamomona. SH43.

Stratford i-Site is running a bus to and from the republic. Give them a call to book your spot. Contact details below.

Horse photo: Kendal Pratt