Barrett Domain


There are three different tracks you can walk in Barrett Domain:

Cowling Plantation Walk (10 mins)

As you enter the domain from Roto St. walk about 200m down a gravel track; the start of this walk is on your right. There is a cemented stone seat, which on 17 February 1966 was unveiled as a memorial to Mr Fred Cowling. These majestic kauri trees he planted are now more than 50 years old and provide a tranquil area in which to walk. This track continues to Alba St and exits the domain, or you can instead cross the bridge and walk through the trees until you come to a grassed area. At this point you can continue on to the Rayward Bush Walk or return to the main track.

Rayward Bush Walk (20 mins)

This short bush walk begins from the main entrance off Roto St. Walk down the gravel track past the Cowling Plantation sign until you come to the Rayward Bush Walk sign on your right. Walk over a grassed area, keeping a small pond on your left. Follow a grassed track up a small hill and enter the bush near the top of the sign. This area has regenerating forest plants which include tawa and kohe kohe. On exiting the bush you will find yourself in an open grassed area. From here you can continue on to your right towards the lagoon or return to the main entrance. To get to the main track walk across the paddock towards the entrance to the lagoon and then follow a track around to the left towards a gate.

Lagoon Bush Walk (30 mins)

This walk can be entered via the Davies Rd. entrance or from the main entrance off Roto St. From Roto St. continue down the gravel track until you come to an open grassed area. To your left is the beginning of the Lagoon Bush Walk. This walk follows the Mangaotuku Stream, which runs through the domain. After reaching the bridge follow the lower track that runs alongside the stream. About 500m along you will come to a T junction. At the T junction you can either go down to a small gully the stream has carved out (note this is a dead end track), or continue up the hill to your right towards the lagoon. At the top of the hill are three tracks. The track on your right will take you to the Rayward Bush Walk. The other two tracks will take you to Barrett Lagoon.

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