Carrington Walkway


Start at the Malone Gates located on the corner of Fenton and Portia streets. These white marble gates were erected in 1923 as a tribute to Lieutenant Colonel William George Malone, who was killed after successfully leading the Wellington Battalion in an attack on the Turks at Chunuk Bair on 8 August 1915. Follow the signage from here.

This section provides a choice of routes, which adds interest for those doing the round trip or subsequent walks. Stratford’s climate and soil provides ideal conditions for growing. Visit the McCullough Rhododendron Dell in spring. Formed in the 1960s, these gardens contain several hundred rhododendrons and include some propagated from seed sent from the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland as well as some from Lord Rothchild’s gardens in England.

In 1952 the Clemow Reserve, a native arboretum, was established along the northern edge of the Rhododendron Dell. As the river winds its way down through the township there are four pedestrian bridges that cross the river giving panoramic views of the steep banks and vegetation. Wait long enough on these bridges and you may glimpse a brown trout. Also there are sizeable natural pools (used by past generations as swimming holes) which may contain the occasional trout. A boulder weir was also constructed to dam the flow of the river, and two caves were dug into the banks for changing sheds and are still visible today. View the stock ford which crosses the river - this was used to get cattle to the saleyards on Miranda St. from the south and west. Cattle or horses were accorded the right of way on the streets! In 1952 these saleyards were closed and new yards opened in Esk Rd.

Cross the state highway (Broadway) and walk under a rail bridge and you will find Windsor Park, a delightful miniature landscaped area which includes several large magnolias and many fine specimens of rhododendrons. To the east of Windsor Park is the Thomson Arboretum, established in 2001 with the plantings reflecting a Taranaki feel. The planting on the eastern side of the arboretum is designed to recreate a sense of the bush edge while the western side contains plants reminiscent of ancient primeval forests. Some sections of the walkway follow farmland boundaries, giving views across the countryside of rolling green pastures and grazing cattle. Wooden stiles are used to cross all stock fences which help make access reasonably easy.

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