Kapuni Loop Track


Make your way to your start point via montane forest dominated by kamahi and totara. The walk starts to the left of Manaia Road below the Dawson Falls Mountain Lodge.

A two minute return walk to the power station is a worthwhile detour.

Listen to the Kapuni Stream which drives one of world’s oldest continually operating generators. It supplies the power for the Dawson Falls Mountain Lodge and is located only 30m from the Lodge.

Further on down the road, the Kapuni Loop Track enters the forest. Follow the southern bank of the Kapuni Stream through mountain rainforest to the top of Dawson Falls. A steep side-track leads down to the base of the falls but a railed viewing point on the main track provides the best overall view of the waterfall.

After the viewpoint, the track winds its way up to the road. Look for the layers of lava, pumice, gravel and ash in the bluffs flanking the waterfall, then return to the railed lookout for the best view.

Walk past the lookout and follow the track as it winds up to the road. Cross the road and enter a forest of fuchsia, kotukutuku and fern. The track leads to the clearing below Konini Lodge and a path up to your starting point. Exercise caution when walking in the vicinity of the road and near the waterway. 

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