Makowhai Station Ltd


Visit Makowhai Station for an experience to remember: Hunt for wild pigs, deer, goats, ducks and and bulls. Quality free-range animals. Plenty of options to cater from the novice to the discerning hunter: Deer (fallow), Trophy Heads in the ‘Roar’– April, Meat animal (fallow) – May through to March, Pigs – trophy boars only, Wild Bulls – year round. Duck Shooting – may 1st. Several lakes to choose from in duck shooting season Friendly guides who can put you in the right spot at the right time. Become a part of NZ's rural lifestyle for a weekend and have an adventure of a lifetime.

Contact Details

Physical Address

570 Taumatatahi Road, Waitotara, New Zealand



Operating Months

Open All Year


$300* - $3000*
*Pricing may vary. Enquire for details.

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