Potaema Track


On a fine day witness from the viewing platform at the end of the track the origins of its name: Potae (hat) ma (top or white); the magnificent view of the mountain towering over the swamp. Potaema is the most accessible of the lowland mires in the park and has the greatest variety of vegetation. No matter the time of the year, Potaema will display an array of flowering plants, native birds and insects catching the interest of inquisitive visitors. 

East Egmont is at the end of this road but begin this track from the Potaema picnic area, 3km in from the park boundary on the left side of Pembroke Rd. The track leads to a large lowland mire (bog) that sustains a wide variety of flora and fauna.

You’ll pass through lush lowland forest made up of rimu, rata, kamahi, kahikatea, mountain totara, pokaka and a few pahautea or mountain cedar. These trees thrive in the rich fertile conditions. Magnificent views of the mountain can be seen across the swamp from the viewing area.  

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