Tupare Walkway


The property features a Chapman Taylor designed homestead and a gardener’s cottage. Tupare was the home of Sir Russell and Lady Matthews. They bought the property in 1932 as a gorse and bracken covered hillside. You can learn about the garden’s history and the people involved from information in the cottage and also around the garden. At the Gatehouse there is wayfinding information and visitor guides to assist you on your walk.

There are three marked trails which you can follow at Tupare:

The Boundary Trail
The Boundary Trail takes you around the perimeter of the property through huge redwood trees, down onto the River Flat, up through the Bush Walk and then back through the garden. This is the most challenging walk.

The Garden Walk
The Garden Walk traverses the main garden areas of Tupare, with some steep gradients. There are a number of seats to rest on and take in the scenery.

The House Stroll
The House Stroll is the easiest walk of the three. Once you walk down the drive to the house area the paths are all on the same level. You will experience some of the most popular areas of the garden including the Elizabeth Garden (a popular garden for weddings), the glasshouse area which encompasses some delightfully planted herbaceous borders, and of course the gardens around the house.

ll of the paths on the Garden Walk and the House Stroll are asphalted.

Tupare is owned and managed by the Taranaki Regional Council. 

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487 Mangorei Road, New Plymouth, New Zealand