Windsor Park


In the 1880s, E Burgess and Sons established the Stratford Sash and Door Company on the site, which included a tunnel to divert the Patea River to a water wheel powering the factory. Adjacent to this was Johnston’s Aerated Cordial factory.

The park was developed in the 1930s by a group of locals with a vision of a riverbank garden. They faced a huge challenge - the area was a wilderness of blackberry and weeds – which eventually overwhelmed them and the Stratford Council took over management of the park.

Featuring an “island” of three giant miro trees and other natives, along with plantings of exotic trees, this park is frequently seen in the background of local wedding photos.

Windsor Park once included a pathway under the rail bridge to Broadway, marked by several large magnolias, which now forms part of the Carrington Walkway.

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