Angles of Perception – Woven Form


The Meaning Angles: Geometric figures formed by two lines that begin at a common point or by two planes that begin at a common line. The space between such lines or planes, measured in degrees. Perception: The organisation, identification and interpretation of sensory information in order to represent and understand presented information or the environment. The Concept Angles; form; size, shape, perspective, energy; together with an explosion of saturated colour on black, creates ‘Angles of Perception – Woven Form’. The very process of weaving is a mathematical procedure. The development of the design using computer imagery or on a graph; the development of the draw down and putting the warp on the loom, the weaving – the placing of the weft over the warp, whether on a loom or hand manipulated, in various sequences produces angles and forms throughout the web of fabric. The flow of the weave is then swept into the shape of an object – 3D or 2D, it doesn’t matter – the expression of angles, size, shape, construction and colour will delight the senses.

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Prospero Pl, Miranda St, Stratford, Taranaki


All Ages


September 14 - October 06 2019

Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford, Taranaki

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