Boeing Boeing


A swinging 60's comedy in which an American in Paris romantically juggles 3 bombshell stewardesses. Bernard memorised (so he thought) the airline timetable so that his financees would never have an on-ground collision. If ever they may be scheduled to be in Paris at the same time, Bernard simply whisks one out of town and tells the other that he is away on business. The best of plans sometimes hiccups. So we are at the boarding gates of TET Cue Theatre - as far as we know none of the cast has a licence to fly - but you never know. We do not that they are a talented crew, more than able to make this new show fly. So join Simon Buick, Victoria Mills, Lindsay Franklin, Kerttu Matto, Rebecca Leafberg, & Karlina Nixon for a night of entertainment.

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38 Matai Street, Inglewood, North Taranaki




All Ages


General Admission

April 25 - May 05 2018

TET Cue Theatre, Inglewood, North Taranaki

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