Like a Virgin


The latest show to open at Cue Theatre in Inglewood is “Like a Virgin.” A hilarious, romp with a serious undertone detailing the day to day of teenage life, love and ambitions - and the tragic reality when all of that is snatched away. “Like a Virgin” is a telling exploration of teenage life and the relationships between mother and daughter during this time. Expect a roller coaster of emotions as the play exposes the lives of teens, Angela and Maxine, as they play truant from school and form a girl band, hoping to walk in the steps of their idol, Madonna. The girls soon discover that there’s a lot more to teenage life than dancing around your bedroom with a hair brush in hand hoping to become famous one of the girls is about to experience devastation. Meanwhile their mother, Viv has a lot to contend with, having caught her husband with another woman and struggling to control her daughter’s seemingly pointless lifestyle. The play rollercoasters through hope, sex, ambition, despair and, most of all, love. Bursting with wit and vitality, heart-wrenching and invigorating, this is a powerful play with music which is bound to bring back memories of teenage life to every member of the audience.

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38 Matai Street, Inglewood, North Taranaki






General Admission
Concession (groups 10 or more prepaid)

October 14 - October 24 2020

TET Cue Theatre, Inglewood, North Taranaki

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