On a Good Note Tour (Yasamin, Abbie & Guests)


Art is much less important than life... Everyone is doom and gloom about the state of the music industry these days. There is no money in music anymore, it's a scarcity mindset, it's saturated, the glory days are over. On a Good Note - We are here to experiment and see if we do our bit (write great songs and perform them + collaborate + break some rules), can we put the joy back into the hustle'. Yes, art is much less important than life but what a poor life without it? Support the hustlers, come and catch a show.

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Physical Address

11 Baring Terrace, Strandon, New Plymouth, Taranaki






General Admission

Fri 28 Jul, 8:00 p.m.

4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth, Taranaki

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